Transfer(moved to IQ)

Here are two of the best ways Omaha Nation Public School suggests on how you can transfer your information to another account.

1. Using Google Transfer to move your content to a personal google account.
Either go to your Account, click on MANAGE YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT, then click on Transfer your content.
You can also go to this link to get to the same screen as well:

From here, enter in your personal google account email address. This has to be a google account. This can't be a yahoo, hotmail, etc type of account. The process to follow should be self explanatory as well.

2. Using a flash drive (or zip drive)
Using your own Flash Drive or external hard drive, you can move file from Google Drive to this hard drive.
Go to File Stream (you Google Drive folder. Labeled Google Drive).
From there, highlight all your documents you want, then drag it to your Flash Drive that is connected. You would not be able to download your emails here. You can use your school account and forward all of your conversations to a personal account if there is information that you need.
Below we have the Google Drive highlighted and a flash drive option highlighted.

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