Printing tips and tricks (moved to IQ)

Be connected to the right network:
Printers are only accessible through UNPS_Teachers WIFI or a wired connection.

Make sure you are printing to the correct destination. The print destinations below are for the school copiers.

Know the different queues:
This is the queue to print your documents in black and white.
This can be used by specific printers with the card reader. Here are the printers that can use the BW queue: Break room, Business Office, and Highschool.

If you try to print to the Color queue, there might be some restrictions put into place.
Every user will be able to see the Color queue. If you print to the color queue and your prints come out in black and white, this is as designed. Your account does not have Color access/proper authorization to use the color queue. Only authorized users are allowed to have access to color printing.
Please contact either IT at 3440  or your supervisor for questions about color access printing.

Can't see printer?
Please click on See more... to ensure that the printer you want isn't listed there.
If you still do not see it, please create a helpdesk ticket for IT or call them at Group Ext. 210.