Logging into Google and G Drive(moved to IQ)

Google Chrome:
1. Open Google Chrome.
2. In the top right corner of Chrome, locate the gray user icon and click on it.
3. Two ways it might apear for you: Sign in to Chrome or Turn on Sync. With either one, click on the button. It will prompt you to sign in. USE YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE STAFF LINKS BOOKMARK FOLDER.

  1. Regardless of whatever way it asks to sign in, please make sure to Link the Date so you can receive the Staff Links folder.

Google Drive:
1. In the Windows search bar in the bottom left corner, search for Google Drive and click on it.
2. It will ask how to log in and you want to choose login with Google. Google Chrome should open with a login screen. Enter in your Google credentials here.
3. If prompt to link your data, please agree.
4. In your File Explorer, you will see a Google Drive (G Drive) option. This will allow you to out file from your PC to this location and you can access from any computer that you have sign into with your Google account.
File Explorer:

G Drive: